Committed in identifying ways to make life easier, to solve real life challenges through invention, technological innovation, creativity, and proper waste management for a sustainable and friendly environment in Africa

To produce excellent products/services with maximum customer satisfaction

To be the leading technological solution provider in Africa, to expand our foot print and achieve financial stability.

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Burning and incinerating are some of the improper electronic waste management in Nigeria, and this result in severe environmental ruin in lieu of air pollution, ground water contamination, food pollution and raising prevalence of diseases such as cancer, diabetes e.t.c. Emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which is responsible for global warming.
We recycle electronic waste into valuable sustainable products: Power Bank and Computer Foot Mouse


Zang Power Bank
Zang Power Bank is a portable rechargeable device design to recharge electronic gadgets like mobile phones, smart phones, MP3 e.t.c.
As technology continues to increase rapidly, mobile devices become more important part of our everyday lives. People install many different apps to make their life easier. This makes devices battery drain faster than usual and in most cases mobile device shuts down before the end of the day; it is likely for everyone would need a power bank to prolong battery life of devices because of instability of power supply in Nigeria and Africa.
Most people in the village have cell phones where they have to travel far distance for cell phone recharge.

Computer Foot Mouse
People with special ability (amputees) don’t have access to ICT, which is a great problem in the 21st Century.
Computer Foot Mouse is a type of computer mouse that gives the user the ability to move the cursor and click the mouse buttons with their feet.
It is primarily used by users with special abilities, the amputees (that is those without arms) to gain access to ICT and have an equal opportunity and can be by every not only those with special ability. It’s a two part input device: one foot wears the “slipper” and moves the cursor controller (pointer) as a “hand” mouse does. The other foot controls the buttons with clicks, and a scroll roller.

Sand Sieving Machine is use in sieving both wet and dry sand, is a great speed booster for building construction.

During this Covid 19 pandemic lack of supply and high demand for Protective Personal Equipments (PPE); We thought we need to do something to help out and we start producing Face Shield an Anti-Virus protection and donate some to health workers, security personnel to help in curtailing the Corona Virus.
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